Teacher Training

For more than 30 years the European commission has regarded language teaching as a priority.  In 2002, the European Council of Barcelona recommended mastering at least 2 foreign languages, yet many adults in Portugal fall short of this target.

One of the reasons for this, in our opinion, is old-fashioned methods of teaching where grammar and translation rather than communication is put at the forefront.

Our approach is not just about learning a language. We believe in learning to speak a language.

Learning by Doing or as the Romans said "Loqui Loquendo Discitur"

Our workshops train teachers to give lessons in a dynamic, practical and efficient way with a clear emphasis on communication.

During 25 hours teachers get an opportunity to experience both teaching and learning, training how to identify and remove obstacles to learning and discover how these can be avoided altogether.
The focus is on right-brain activities like for instance Total Physical Response, Birkenbihl and Brain Gym - a thorough experience in holistic methods.