New Courses!

Academic Year 2022/23

Friday, 16 September 2022 - Courses

Until the end of the month, the registration period for the school year courses, which start in October, is open.

We have regular courses which allow the acquisition of one level, as well as special preparation courses for the CIPLE-exam, which allow students to complete two levels (A1 and A2) in 9 months and prepare for the exam at the same time. 

Of course, we also have private classes available, either at the school or online. 

All our courses are taught by fully qualified, native-speaking teachers with a special focus on oral communication. The classes are very dynamic and actually quite fun!

Our teachers are highly experienced in preparing students for the CIPLE exam, ensuring the best possible results.

CIPLE (Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira) is the name of the Portuguese Language Test. It is a mandatory test for foreign individuals who want to obtain Portuguese citizenship.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a personalised counselling meeting, please email us at