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Saturday, 19 February 2022 - Courses

Boost your Portuguese skills!

Do you sometimes feel you'd like to join a conversation, but refrain because you feel your Portuguese skills are not up to it?

Would you like to feel more a part of your community?

What keeps you from learning the language of this country?

If you've never been on a language course, it might seem a daunting prospect, but don't compare it to your childhood school experiences.

Dare to discover something new! At FAUST language school, you'll find a relaxed, practical approach. And from the most basic beginner's course, the focus is always on oral communication—getting you speaking. No learning by heart, no homework…  The only thing that counts is practice, practice, practice: it's learning by doing.


In addition to the usual language school offers of group or private classes two to three times per week, FAUST also organizes super-efficient crash courses of 40 hours in two weeks. Take a decision and register!

Our next beginner’s CRASH COURSE dates:

March 2nd to 15th   and    May 16th to 30th (the 26th is a public holiday!)

both from 2 to 6 pm


You're no longer a beginner?


Perhaps you are interested in an A1.2 level course from March 16th to June 29th, twice a week, 2 hours each class!


Apart from our classes at school – just outside Quarteira - we do also offer a range of online classes.