Free Webinars

Thursday, 12 August 2021 -

·Do you need to learn Portuguese and wonder if you should join a group or prefer one-to-one classes?

·Do you find it more convenient to have classes online or are you afraid they will not work?

·Why is it so important to have a native-speaking teacher, especially in the first classes?

·Will you need to pass the CIPLE-exam (for Portuguese nationality) at some point? Or would you rather just learn to communicate with your neighbours? Or even just for fun?!

·And what about language learning apps? Do they work? At what point will they be helpful in your learning process? What should you consider when choosing one?

·Should you buy a book and start studying at home before starting classes?

·Are there free ways to practice the language? Which ones work best?

·What should you not do when learning Portuguese?


Have you ever asked yourself any of the above questions? Then perhaps you would benefit from attending one of our free webinars in September. Our experienced and qualified teachers will explain how language learning works, what the tricks are to succeed with online classes, and what the scary CIPLE-exam looks like. At the end of each webinar, there will also be time to answer any questions you have. Please note that the places are limited and offered on a first to come first to serve basis and that the webinars might be recorded.


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